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Prize fund

Time: June 24th 2017. start at 19:00.

Place: Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Competition prizes:

Overall standings 

In overall standings the border result for full prize payment is:

Men 33:00

Women 45:00

For times slower than 33:00 for men and 45:00 for women, only half of the prize is being paid.   Juniors are being excluded from this rule and border results for their full prizes are 35:00 for men and 50:00 for women. For times slower than those only half of the prize is being paid.  Under the rules, Junior athlete is any athlete under the age of 19.


All athletes who do not finish in top 20 but have a result equal or better than mentioned above will get the prize like they finished 20th in overall standings. In case of two athletes making identical result, prizes for those two positions will be added and then divided into two equal parts to be paid to athletes with that result.

One prize excludes the other and that means the athlete chooses the higher winning prize.

All prizes are being electronically paid and are subjected to taxation by BiH laws. In accordance with IAAF regulations, prizes are being transferred no later than 60 days after official anti-doping control test results are in.


All athletes must give their information on the back of the starting number (first name, last name, contact person, blood type).

All athletes are running on their own responsibility.

Persons younger than 15 y/o will not be permitted to receive starting number at 10 km race.

Time limit of the race is 90 minutes.


After handing over a proof of starting fee being paid, every athlete will receive starting package which includes: starting number with electronic chip, t-shirt, bottled water, backpack, and at the finish line a participation medal and diploma will be awarded to them.


Any mismanagement of starting number is punishable by disqualification.  

Any false information about age or date of birth is punishable by disqualification.


Authorized managers are required to provide written confirmations from their athletes national federations about giving them permission to participate in a Race. Athletes without authorized managers are required to present written confirmation personally or by their registered clubs. This regulation is applied to elite athletes and members of national teams.


Every elite athlete with IAAF bronze, silver or gold label status will sign a written contract about rights and obligations before taking a starting number. Contract will be written on English and Serbian language.


All athletes participating in official AF BiH and AF RS championships are also a part of overall competition.




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